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Giới thiệu 43 factory coffee roaster project

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi BigBoiz, 18 Tháng tư 2020.

  1. BigBoiz

    BigBoiz Member

    43 Factory is a specialty coffee shop located in Danang, Vietnam. The founders are dedicated to establishing a professional roaster, where people come to enjoy coffee art and cherish coffee beans. The design of 43 Factory was created for people to fully live with the love for coffee.

    Sincerely hope you enjoy our project:

    Our Mission: 43 FACTORY COFFEE ROASTER is a coffee roaster, who brings the third wave of coffee experience by connecting consumers with farmers from all over the world. Then, customers can develop an awareness of customer behavior, therefore promoting the quality of Vietnamese coffee industry.

    > Read more about Specialty Coffee in Da Nang


    Welcoming the third wave of coffee in Vietnam, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster was created from love and formed by enthusiasm. The Factory is a place where people come to drink, enjoy coffee and talk about life. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is an open book for those who have a love for coffee. We are happy and extremely grateful to share our knowledge and love about coffee with anyone. Not only that, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is also a connection between hundreds of farmers around the world and coffee lovers. We tell people stories about farmers, countries, highlands and coffee beans through fragrant liquid called “coffee”. We, coffee lovers,exchange small talks, which have words deep down from our soul. There is no distance between people who have the same love. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is dedicated to be a roastery - a place to deposit love for coffee in Da Nang and Vietnam.

    Our slogan: Find Yourself Through Coffee


    Not only take care and appreciate each coffee beans bringing flavor and taste to customers, but 43 Factory Coffee Roaster also pays attention to the places where people enjoy the finest cup of specialty coffee. Our bar is located right in the center of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster ’s space helping Baristas to take care of guests’ experiences. With a big green tree in the middle - a nature hub – Baristas seem to move around the “Earth” with the tree as “Coffee Pole”. The highlight of the design lies in the folding roof as an open book. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster - like a book - want to share the love and knowledge about coffee and is willing to receive others’ stories as well. The inner space is surrounded by glass, connecting people with the open world outside. It still ensures coffee flavors in the standard atmosphere - where molecule fragrances collide and are stored by the sense of smell. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster ’s outer square provides customers a modern natural environment with small channels, fish-pond, green trees scattered around the space. A storage is also invested to ensure that the flavor and quality of coffee beans are always intact. Furthermore, lab area will helps Baristas research, develop new flavors and nourish their love for coffee beans.


    With love and dedication to coffee, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster really wants to tell the story to people all over the world.

    Thank you for taking your time and reading our project!

    >> https:/43factory.coffee/en/43-factory-coffee-roaster-project.html

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