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Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi vyvy1808, 27 Tháng năm 2020.

  1. vyvy1808

    vyvy1808 Member



    Farmers – the beginning of the process of creating a cup of coffee in the overall industry system have had positive changes to better understand the value of the product and give good result over a long period of time. Many people think that it is difficult for farmers to change, but looking at the overall industry today, you will be surprised when these people have had a significant impact on the development of the industry.

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    Farmers all over the world are constantly raising their awareness about plant varieties, the industry, and about “sustainable development” to take actions beyond the expectations. Advanced/modern science and technology are constantly applied to improve the process of nursery and production. They collaborate with scientists in researching new plant varieties and do not hesitate to test on farms and individual households in search of varieties suitable to the soil, natural conditions, and friendly to the travel. These actions contribute to the development of their homeland. Farmers are also more open to sharing experiences, exchanging plant varieties between regions, localities, and even countries to expand relations and understanding.


    With more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed each day, coffee is one of the most important items in the world. Today, coffee is worth more than the US $ 100 billion a year. International trade expanded after the 1990s and was driven by the rise of global value chains (Global Value Chains). The rise of trade and GVC has fueled economic growth and reduced poverty. It creates unexpected changes: poor countries grow rapidly, which speeds up the process to catch up with developing and developed countries soon.


    Roasting is an art, and roasting will be the main performer. I used to think that the oven takes care of all the work related to coffee beans until I saw how roasters at the 43 Coffee Factory actually roasted. Roasting is not simply a process of material transformation, to make green coffee beans brown. This is a process that requires more than gray matter, meticulousness, and patience.

    When working, a roaster needs to understand all the steps in the roasting process first. At the same time, he must understand the nature of the bean. The way of conversion is also an indispensable stage to start this scientific process.

    In today’s new era, roasters have many sources of information to help streamline the operation and performance of roasting and processing machines. They take the initiative, find new ways, and proceed. Based on the experience and knowledge, roasters develop their own roasting charts for each coffee varieties, select the appropriate roasting method. They change and adapt to new materials, receive science and technology, use appropriate and selective support tools.


    Barista – the end of the Farm to cup process, is responsible for conveying the entire value and product message to customers, helping consumers better understand the coffee industry.

    In the relentless movement of the value system, along with the continuous development of the economy and culture, the barista must always update the knowledge of the entire process to create a delicious cup of coffee. They understand all the values and send valuable notes of flavor to the endpoint – the consumer. Baristas will bring stories about the type of land coffee, explain how to harvest, pre-process, introduce the process of transportation, storage and roasting; sometimes, he also whispers small thoughts about the farmer’s stories or discusses the industry’s sustainable development process. The baristas do not only create a simple coffee but also conveys the value of a system that is actively working for the development of society. Therefore, knowledge about industry, culture, society, economy, and politics is the fulcrum that barista needs to acquire.

    >> https/43factory.coffee/en/news/coffee-job/

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