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Favorite 'VEGAN' coffee is very aromatic

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi vyvy1808, 27 Tháng ba 2020.

  1. vyvy1808

    vyvy1808 Member

    43 Factory Coffee Roaster, with its premium coffee drinks, professionally crafted and made of love and professionalism, is now not only a foodie choice but also a destination for the vegan in Danang.

    >> See More: Coffee Roaster in Da Nang end Good Coffee in Da Nang

    Vegetarian cuisine has been increasingly popular in the world and Vietnam for a long time. Hold different beliefs, people turn to vegetarian food as compensation to support their thoughts. Therefore, vegetarian food has gradually developed and diversified in form and content. Many restaurants and business units offer diners a delicious and appetizing dish from vegan ingredients.

    But when it comes to vegetarian coffee, have you found any of it? Does it sound strange to you? Ordinary coffee has nothing to do with animals. So, why do we have the concept “Vegantarian coffee”? That thought is right but not enough. Because the coffee industry still has small business sectors serving coffee but needs animal support such as ferret coffee and elephant coffee. Besides, the cups of coffee you are served in 100% of the coffee shop use animal milk.


    Only with oat milk, your cup of coffee is truly vegan, for a 100% standard lifestyle!

    Coffee with oat milk does not diminish the beautiful characteristic of coffee. In contrast, the simple flavor in the milky white color enhances the unique characteristics of the coffee. At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, there are countless impromptu combinations between the oat milk and coffee. With different varieties of coffee, the barista will create a different subtle flavor for your coffee from an improvised ratio of coffee and oat milk.

    Using oat milk instead of cow's milk will make a small contribution to the environmental protection process. Because the livestock industry generates large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. There are also threats from this industry to water and soil. In addition, the use of antibiotics for animals in the livestock industry will also greatly affect the quality of milk and products to consumers.

    Therefore, oat milk is a reasonable choice that 43 Factory Coffee Roaster turned to, in order to bring a cup of aromatic sweet coffee with the best quality for coffee lovers, help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarians can enjoy a variety of flavors from this special drink.

    And you've found yourself a cup of vegetarian coffee!

    >> https:43factory.coffee/en/a-destination-in-danang-for-coffee-lover-vegan.html

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