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Thảo luận Get the required education

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi akakavn, 8 Tháng mười 2019.

  1. akakavn

    akakavn Member

    App Maker

    Software applications are getting more popular than ever before, with the ever-increasing number of mobile apps. According to statistics, mobile apps can generate around $200 billion in revenues through downloads and advertising. Naturally, the demand for application developers nowadays is extremely high, so if you really want to find lots of career opportunities and earn up to a six-figure salary, look no further than mobile applications development. So what do you need to become an app maker / developer ?

    1.Choosing your platform
    The most popular platforms for application development are Windows, iOS, and Android. Although the Windows platform doesn’t offer the same accessibility and flexibility as the other two, it’s still a viable choice. Still, you’ll want to start your developer career on the iOS or Android platform. When you have mastered one of them, you can expand to other app development technologies.

    2.Get the required education
    The most common option people tend to choose to get into app development process is getting a degree, either in computer science or software engineering, since it helps you understand and apply the concepts of programming, data structure and design into applications. Otherwise, you can opt for online courses and certifications on numerous websites and platforms.

    3.Be efficient with programming and design, also try to have some knowledge about business

    4.Practice, practice, practice
    In this field you have to always honed your skills and keep it sharp. You may forget all the things your have learned if you don’t turn it into practice often. Some practice method steps to help you pull this off :
    Think of new ideas : if you manage to think of an entirely original idea, immediately start to develop on it. Search the market or the store to see if your idea already exist, and then work on a prototype.
    Seek some help : except for some extremely rare kinds of developers, app makers can’t build an entire app on their own from scratch. You will need some guidance, even a bit of help on the development process from other people and sources.
    Fix and test your app : when you have successfully created your application, move to the debug and testing process. Keeping your application mostly stable and bug-free is really important.
    Move onto other platforms : if you have the required knowledge, you can try to build the same app on other platforms.

    5.Work in a real company environment
    Even when you have already mastered every knowledge of programming and designing, you will have a hard time working in a real developer position in a company if you don’t have any real experiences. By working on various projects, you can understand the development cycle, and how a project is organized and implemented. Your experience can also help you with applying for better paying positions in the applications development field.
    The road to becoming an app maker / developer is not an easy one, in fact it’s one of the harder career paths that you can choose. But if you have the passion and the dedication for the world of app development, and the ability to sit through hours upon hours of coding and practicing, you just may succeed.

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