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Giới thiệu Kim Tourist

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi hanhmit, 11 Tháng tám 2018.

  1. hanhmit

    hanhmit Member

    Kim Tourist

    You looking for the wonderful journey through Ho Chi Minh City. Let come to KimTravel the best travel company in Ho Chi Minh city where you can get the most attractive journey to discover the people the culture of the South of VietNam.

    Why people choose Kim Travel?

    The prestige:

    Kim Travel was established in 2002. We have over 15 years of experiences in opening thousand of tours for foreigners traveling to Vietnam.

    Kim Travel now is become the best travel company in Ho Chi Minh city. We offer many attractive Ho Chi Minh City tours for any customer. With the head office in HCM city, we proud to penetrate you the best place for travel, the best disk for eating and the best thing for entertain.

    That is why Kim Travel has an excellent rate on Tripadvisor. We always receive positive feedback both for our attractive destination and friendly and enthusiastic customer services. So don’t be hesitate to ask us a place to eat & drink, a hotel to rest or a thing to do if you come to our city.

    The fully support to customer

    Kim Tourist aims to give the best customer services for all. We focus on build the best trip with an attractive schedule to give you enough time to discover the culture in Ho Chi Minh city.

    When you selected Kim Travel you will be served as our family member, you will get the best support any time, anywhere you need. So don’t hesitate to share with us your problems we willing to show you the best travel tip to make your journey to be a wonderful time ever.

    If you have any question please contact us on the website KimTravel.com or call our hotline: +84 985-370-437.

    The best price for the customer

    Kim Tourist gives you the quality trip at the best price. We always set the competitive price for any tour in our system in addition to flexible changes and amendments. Besides that, the price list is clearly specified the total fee for the whole trip. So you don’t worry the appearance of any extra fees.

    If you choose our service. You should try out a Ho Chi Minh city tour half day, Ho Chi Minh city tour full day, Sai Gon by night after dinner or street food lover by night. It is the most attractive trip which price only ranges from 15 to 100 dollars.

    To getting the detail pricelist ad full information of each trip please access our website kimtravel.com.

    Kim Travel the best trip for all

    Kim Travel makes sure that you will get the wonderful memory about the people and the nation of Ho Chi Minh city. We will bring you closer to Vietnamese and show you the interesting and more authentic side of Vietnam which you only find here but not another city.

    So let try out tour by making a booking and confirm. You just need to visit the website kimtravel.com to place an order for a tour we will confirm you requestion and contact you as soon as possible.

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