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Photographers in Vietnam are on the rise

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi vyvy1808, 8 Tháng bảy 2020.

  1. vyvy1808

    vyvy1808 Member

    Therefore, looking for a local photographer in Vietnam is a good way to enjoy the trip and take picture. The network of Vietnamese photographers is really large so there is a vast amount of good photographers willing to help you get beautiful pictures and give you the best experience when you are in here.

    Among a lot of famous photographers, Fernandes is known as one of the top photographer in the country and an excellent choice to be your companion during your trip in Vietnam. If you are curious, here are the reasons why you should Fernandes as your photographer when visiting Vietnam

    >> Chụp ảnh chân dung ở đâu: hoi an photographer

    Highly skilled photographer that provide high quality and aesthetic photographs:

    Talent is the important factor in every field, even more so in art field like photograph. Fernandes is highly respected and appreciated in the photograph community for its sensibility to capture the most beautiful moments with the most gorgeous angles. You will get beautiful and wonderful pictures which can fully convey your truest feeling in that moments, pictures that just by themselves can remind you of your valuable memories with the people you love everytime you look at them. Fernandes is capable of doing photoshoot of all styles, from romantic to deep and fun… With years of practicing photography, Fernandes has managed to master shooting, angles, background and lightning techniques, therefore can highlight all of your best physical traits. You can be sure that the images taken by Fernandes are the best version of you . So don’t hesitate to choose Fernandes – top photographer in Vietnam as your companion with you during you travelling.


    Nice wedding picture is taken in Moc Chau.
    • Enthusiasm in work:
    Nourishing your passion in work is so important because how much you love your job can be seen in your work and it also contributes to your productivity. When you love your work, you always try your best to complete your task excellently and you won’t stop at nothing to make it better. And Fernandes is really passionate about this career. He has loved photography since childhood and has always want to take the best pictures since then. After all these years, Fernandes still stay motivated and always striving to improve. Photography is not just to make a living, but also to create artworks he can be proud of. That’s what make Fernandes a top photographer in Vietnam
    • Creative mind:
    Photography trends change just as much and just as fast as fashion trends, and a lot of those trends come from the photographers themselves. Depending on the customers’ age, preference and even cultural traits, Fernandes always try to come up with new ideas suitable for every customers. And these ideas are possible to realise because as a local Vietnamese photographer, Fernandes understands the places really well, from popular tourist destinations to obscure remote places that few people know about, but have aesthetic quality to turn into an excellent shooting locations. From different poses to new unique angles, you will be surprise by all the new, creative ideas. And the experience of taking beautiful, unique photos may even add to your enjoyement of the whole trip, and will turn it into unforgettable memories.
    • Always listen and understand what you need:
    With Fernandes, all your needs and demands can be met such as: the concept, backgrounds, types of clothes… Whoever you want to be, whatever style you want to try in your photoshoot, Fernandes can make it happens. Always pleased to listen to the customers’ requests and take it as a chance to learn and diversify his ideas of photography. Besides, with 5 years of experience under his belt, Fernandes has worked with a lot of travelers so he is really observant and sensible about his customers’ needs. It will takes Fernandes no time to notice and understand your wishes, and then realise them. So don’t ever hesitate to voice your propositions and requests. Fernandes is always honored to be the perfect and suitable companion for you on your trip to Vietnam.


    Happy family on Da Nang beach.

    Pictures is the evidence of where you had come, how you had felt… Somehow, pictures become a necessary part in our life. You want to take a photo whenever you come somewhere with an awesome views so that you won’t ever forget it and the experience it brought. Photographs help you see that life is more interesting and beautiful because there are many wonderful things in your life, waiting for you to discover and enjoy them.

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