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series of cafes in Danang, young people should know

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi vyvy1808, 4 Tháng hai 2020.

  1. vyvy1808

    vyvy1808 Member

    The third wave of coffee takes place around the world, which results in a new definition of a coffee shop. Now we have a new concept: Coffee roaster. What are the standards and criteria of a roaster? Let’s visit Da Nang city and find out the checklist for the best coffee roaster!

    >> New option: Coffee Roaster in Da Nang end Brunch in Da Nang

    New coffee culture is gradually taking shape and developing worldwide. It leads to the rise of many different coffee shop models. In addition to the unique spaces with many different architectural and decorative styles, the coffee shop now grows in-depth, bringing a wave of culinary novelties and true professionalism. And the concept of the coffee roaster - the most professional and large-scale in Danang city, formulates.

    With a diverse and class ecosystem, the coffee roaster is a closed model that provides all the essentials to create from a simple cup of Espresso coffee to the amazing Milkbase drinks. All kinds of drinks are made from a suitable type of coffee. Check out the factors that make a qualified coffee roaster:

    Pure water for coffee

    With low profits and small scale, walk side and mid-range coffee shops, even large chains, still use tap water. But tap water, despite the usual filtering process, still contains many substances that are not suitable for making sensitive drinks like coffee. Along with tea, coffee is a sensitive natural material. Being cherished and precious, the drinker can feel all the beauty of it.

    A proper coffee roaster needs pure water with a mineral system suitable for each type of coffee. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster - a coffee roaster in Danang - owns the machinery to supply pure water with necessary minerals. At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, local water from the factory is passed through a filter to separate all minerals as well as unnecessary elements. After that, it is re-processed with minerals compatible with the machines and properties of coffee. The process will also be adjusted and controlled every day by the workers to make sure that water quality is stable and there are no small errors. Water purifiers such as Chlorine are eliminated.

    Modern coffee machines


    The system of coffee machines supporting the operation of Barista at a coffee roaster, maybe not the most expensive, must be suitable with the product orientation and customer target. The coffee roaster in Da Nang - 43 Factory Coffee Roaster - use EK 43S Grinder and EK 43 Grinder for evenly ground coffee powder, helping the water absorb all the flavors that the cherry has in itself.

    Strada MP 2 Group coffee machines with advanced technology are the hand of the baristas. It helps push the coffee taste hidden in the fine powdered layer, giving customers a cup of premium coffee and incense. The cone valve system ensures constant flow and pressure control through an inner hole, before reaching the standard pressure level. The new design of the cone float valve helps to control the infusion while the volumetric pump operates at standard pressure. This dynamic system allows the baristas to achieve balance.

    The other support equipment, though small, extremely necessary to create a fragrant and flavor coffee. Each amount of coffee used is measured by a small scale. Therefore, the barista can have the most accurate amount of coffee powder, which meets the amount of water. That helps coffee lovers can reach the climax of the experience.

    Perfect coffee beans

    The coffee beans at the coffee roaster must accomplish the mission of creating a delicious cup of coffee. Therefore, coffee beans from the motherlands of the coffee are preferred for use. In many roasters, semi-processed beans from Colombia, Africa, Brazil, ... are preferred because of their high scores on the world scale of quality.

    >> Nguồn: https:/43factory.coffee/en/checklist-for-a-best-coffee-roastery-in-danang.html

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