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Tax Lawyers, Who Are They?

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi lechung1108, 22 Tháng mười một 2019.

  1. lechung1108

    lechung1108 New Member

    Tax lawyers are lawyers with extensive expertise and experience in the complicated and often-changing world of taxes. Most tax lawyers will be limited to consultation only, although it may also extend to the scope of litigation, representing clients if a dispute arises. They are also hired to act as client representatives, which can include businesses, business organisations, non-profits and other non-governmental organisations, as well as individuals.

    Tax lawyers can work in law firms that provide tax services, accounting firms, and government agencies. In fact, they can also work independently, as an individual or as part of a financial group, or serve as an internal consultant for large organisations and businesses.

    So, What Does A Tax Lawyer Do?
    Tax lawyers do research, conduct interviews, investigate and explain complex tax law provisions to their clients. Good oral and written communication skills are needed. Depending on the position, tax lawyers may work long hours. They may have to represent their clients to engage in tax law relations.

    The scope of work shall be handled by tax lawyers can include the following:
    For individuals, Tax Lawyers will advise on the legal provisions about taxpayers; income taxes; income eligible for tax exemption or reduction, personal income tax bases as well as procedures for tax code registration, guidance on tax reimbursement procedures or reduction based on family circumstances. In addition, civil transactions arising tax obligations will also be guided by tax lawyers in accordance with the law.

    For enterprises, Tax Lawyers will advise on issues of corporate income tax, instructions on how to calculate and add up the costs of production and business to meet the requirements of the Tax law. Moreover, for newly-established and operating enterprises, tax lawyers may also advice regarding the regulations on tax code registration; legal provisions on tax declaration; procedures for tax payment and procedures for VAT refund; legal provisions on tax settlement, financial statement consulting; regulations on tax exemption and reduction procedures; regulations on using invoices and documents; handling of violations in the field of tax. In particular, tax lawyers can also guide how to calculate, self-declare and self-pay taxes for business owners.

    In case of reorganisation of enterprises (division, splitting, consolidation, merger or transformation of an enterprise, etc.) or cease to exist (dissolution, bankruptcy, termination of business, etc.), Tax lawyers will advise on tax laws in accordance with the process and time limit as well as advice on procedures for closing the tax code before the tax authorities.

    Finally, despite the fact this was a very rare circumstance in reality, Tax Lawyers can advise on matters related to accounting, auditing, tax declaration and tax finalisation.

    If you are in need of assistance with matters regarding a Tax Law Firm in Vietnam, please contact us: P & Associates is a professional law firm established in Vietnam and currently has nearly 100 members working at three offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. P & Associates are also considered to be one of the leading law firms specialising in law on business in Vietnam, which has a number of notable practice fields in the legal market such as Labour and Employment, Banking Law, Taxes, Purchases, Selling and Merging, Litigation, and IPO advisory services. We are confident to be the Tax Law Firm in Vietnam providing legal services optimally and effectively.

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