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Giới thiệu Tips to help photograph a better photo model

Thảo luận trong 'Cần bán' bắt đầu bởi su122, 23 Tháng tư 2020.

  1. su122

    su122 Member

    You have a headache because you don’t know how to pose, how to take an appropriate angle. How to create beautiful, truly unique photos without spending too much time and effort. Article sharing Tips to help photograph a better photo model below will help you do that

    1. Place the phone close to the camera to create a mirror image

    Smartphones often use “small but martial”. Not only used for normal photography, the phone is also a tool to create mirror images, making the photo more shimmering, fanciful.

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    2. Use curtains to create a sense of softness and magic

    You think that just being indoors cannot take good pictures? So take advantage of the curtains right away, combined with the light bouncing from the window, you will immediately get a very “deep” picture.

    Photo: Flo Morrissey / Nirav Patel

    3. Posing with the “divine mirror”

    Using a mirror is not a new method but it is never old for art lovers. With this method, you can take photos yourself without the help of friends.

    Photo: Nirav Patel / Ezgi Polat

    4. Create effects with smoke

    Standing in the middle of a forest, wearing a colorful garland, gently adding a layer of smoke, all will make you feel like a fairy in the garden of Eden.

    Photo: Nirav Patel / Jovana Rikalo

    5. Create a texture from the leaves

    Photographers have figured out how to use leaves to create simple but extremely unique patterns. With just a beautiful leaf, you can transform into a professional photographer to take virtual photos of your friends.

    Photo: Alessio Albi

    6. Create illusions with glassware

    The physical phenomena that each classmate learns can also be applied to photography. Images refracted through a glass item will help the image feel new and different.

    Photo: Alessio Albi

    7. “Twin sisters”

    It is also taking pictures with a mirror, but creating a completely different feeling. Mirroring images, creating an identical twin will make viewers confused because they do not know where is the real person.

    Photo: Alessio Albi

    >> https:/hoianmoment.com/tips-to-help-photograph-a-better-photo-model/

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